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If you are looking for a tractor to consistently perform a great job on big, aggressive projects, choose LS tractor. Our tractors are the most efficient option on the market that you can find today. If you are considering a tractor purchase, pay attention to LS tractor USA - the brand has become even more accessible, ensuring users can easily find a dealer in their respective areas.

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Compare features and you’ll see it’s about more than just price and horsepower. There are no hidden costs at Wholesale Equipment and we are priced 15% less than other manufacturers.

It is important to consider both the short and long-term when buying a tractor. Our LS tractor prices always come at a pleasant surprise for our customers from our LS tractor dealers Sacramento. Cheap machines come at the trade-off of breaking down quickly, and it will end up costing you not only more money but your time. Each tractor purchased through LS Tractor USA and its associated stores have no hidden costs. With LS tractor prices Sacramento, customers have the ability to not only save on the chosen machine but also on the equipment due to the wholesale prices, which are priced 15% less than other manufacturers.

Superior 6 Year Power
Train Warranty

In addition to the 2 year bumper to bumper warranty, we also provide a six-year power train warranty. Our priority is to build equipment that will last and always produce quality.

With LS tractor USA models, we offer a two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty for your purchase. That means that if any part of your LS tractor breaks down within the first two years of purchase - you’ll be protected. In addition, we offer a tractor power train warranty of up to six years, giving you long-term protection for the most vulnerable part of a vehicle. When comparing LS tractor prices, remember that the protection is part of the long-term cost projection. It makes buying here more worthwhile than purchasing at any dealer which lacks this aspect of long-term warranty.

Easy, Low Interest
Rate financing

Tractors can become expensive, that is why we offer an extremely digestible financing solution to all of our clients. We work with you to accommodate your needs.

Residents of Sacramento have the advantage of many different LS Tractor dealers to choose from. Don’t just search for “LS tractor near me” as it will limit the field - look beyond the LS tractor USA price in Sacramento and consider the different ways official dealers will allow you to pay for your tractor. If you don’t have a lot of cash up front to cover the LS tractor price, you need an LS tractor dealer who offers reasonable financing. We offer not only the best LS tractor prices but also the best financing options. We make the buying process easy regardless of your financial situation. Visit us at the LS tractor Sacramento website to learn more about the financing options that can make your next purchase easy.

5 Year EDA
Award Winner

We have won the tractor manufacturer award 5 years in a row. We manufacture tractors with one vision, client satisfaction.

One of the core functions of every LS dealer is to guide a customer through the buying process. LS tractor dealers in Sacramento are ready to answer the questions throughout the buying process. The LS tractor USA brand has many different models suited for different types of jobs, and the chosen one should fit the job you need. Our dealers will educate and guide you through our different models, discuss financing structures, and help you find the model of your interest for that LS tractor in Sacramento. We provide the best LS tractor price in Sacramento, and you deserve only the best deal on the market.

Easy Repairs
& Maintenance

We hire only the top certified and factory trained service technicians. We always strive to ensure only the best quality.

Even the best tractors need occasional repairs. When you search for an LS tractor dealer in Sacramento, make sure to find somebody who can provide repairs, maintenance, and other essential functions. The LS tractor USA brand is known for its reliability, but no machine functions perfectly after heavy use. An LS dealer worth your business should be able to fix issues as they arise and give insight into the best way to maintain equipment. In addition to talking to your LS dealer in Sacramento about the price, be sure that you have maintenance and repair considered as well.

No Obligation Quote

Purchasing a tractor is not easy, that is why we offer a free quote which outlines everything you need from your equipment and a transparent cost.

If you are wondering “Where can I get the best price for an LS tractor near me?" - be assured that the LS tractor dealers in Sacramento know all the upfront costs of your vehicle. Before you buy, get a quote on the LS tractor price. Your LS dealer should offer you a free quote, and you can compare this to other deals in the area - we are confident that we can offer the best one.

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Wholesale equipment pairs your needs with the right tractor for any job you require. Browse our selections of top-quality tractors and visit our location to test drive a spectacular LS Tractor.

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Excellent customer service. Excellent price on everything. I bought the MT1 Series and it’s never been easier to mow my lawn. No more spending hours with a traditional lawn mower and endless hours of labor work.
John Dilard
Best place in Northern California for all your tractor needs. Awesome staff and salespeople. Very easy process from start to finish. I got the XP series to help with tasks for my medium-sized farm, hay operations and livestock ranches. Will be purchasing other attachments with them as well.
Very nice customer relations, Excellent variety of equipment to choose from, good service department and all models are 15% cheaper than the competitors I searched! highly recommend this dealership.
Scott Ginty
Always friendly, and always helpful. With their great product lines, the prices are hard to beat. They go out of their way to get you what you need when you need it. Thank you for the tractor I just bought today.
Jason Stevenson

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