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Wholesale equipment pairs your needs with the right tractor for any job you require. Browse our selections of top-quality tractors and visit our location to test drive a spectacular LS Tractor.

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LS tractor is now offering several different financial options for our entire product selection at LS Tractor Sacramento.

Our powerful, reliable tractors are made for tough jobs, not for the high payments. Follow our website to stay up to date with new LS tractor models and different LS tractor finance options.

Progressive LS tractors financing provides our customers with multiple LS tractor finance offers. If you are interested in any LS Tractor model, check LS Tractor financing requirements and LS Tractor financing specials; contact us by email or phone for any additional info.

Nowadays, every day in the agriculture business or in land tenure is different. Luckily, with LS Tractor financing, any challenging weather conditions, constantly changing regulations of the agribusinesses, our unstable commodities will be an easy fix for our trusted team.

LS Tractor Sacramento finance department fully understands all the needs of today’s agribusinesses and land owners. We are striving to make the use of modern compact tractors and utility tractors not only a dream, but a realistic and affordable option for you. As a reliable and experienced tractor dealer, LS Tractor Sacramento reacts to specific requirements and provides highly flexible financing options customizable based on your needs.

Online Financing Payment Calculator

Use our tractor financing calculator to get the most detailed information about any available options. Save your time using the tractor loan payment calculator, and in case of any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or via email.


If you are looking for a trustworthy tractor dealer, you are at the right place. At any time most convenient for you, we provide tractors of the highest quality full of top-notch features. We really do care for people, and offer many tractor financing options.

LS Tractor Sacramento is the only place where you can get your compact tractor or utility tractor with a service guarantee, and even utility tractor financing or sub-compact tractor financing options. Our professional sales team is always ready to take care of all the arrangements.

If you’re looking for a unique experience to buy a never-failing machine, or need to get an answer on your difficult tractor financing questions, LS Tractor Sacramento is waiting for you with the most lucrative offers on the market.

Visit to take a look at tractor financing options info, and feel free to contact us with any questions in any way convenient for you, via email or by phone!

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We provide the most flexible individual financing terms on the market, with top-tier equipment produced by a leader of the industry, LS Tractor USA. We also provide a fast credit approval and documentation process.