Compact Tractors

MT342H/HC/C / MT347H/HC/C / MT352H/HC/C / MT352PCT/PCTC / MT357PCT/PCTC / MT357H/HC/C

MT340HC – 40HP

MT335H – 35HP

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45HP-50HP compact 4WD tractors powered with fuel-efficient engines, showcasing superior performance and maneuverability.

  • Eco friendly Tier4 45HP and 50HP engines
  • F/R Synchronized shuttle or 3 ranges HST with Cruise control
  • Front wheel mechanical assist 4WD
  • Larger fuel tanks for longer operations
  • Comfortable Seating to reduce fatigue
  • Available quick attach front end loader
  • Available sub frame mounted, 7’ Backhoe

LS Tractor Models Available:

MT342H/HC/C / MT347H/HC/C / MT352H/HC/C / MT352PCT/PCTC / MT357PCT/PCTC / MT357H/HC/C / MT340HC / MT335H

Discontinued (Archived) Models:

MT350E / MT350

The MT3 series is presented by four different units at LS Tractor Sacramento. The great variability of LS MT3 tractors features both ROPS and cab options. These tractors are provided in two versions, with hydrostatic transmissions or gear drive. It stands to reason that each model from the LS MT3 series is featured in a top-tier ergonomic design as befits a premium tractor.

LS MT3 compact tractor series used to have a presence at LS Tractor Sacramento by four models: LS tractor MT345E, LS compact tractor MT345EH, LS tractor model MT350E and LS MT350 compact tractor. But the LS tractor MT3 series was improved, and for now, these powerful beasts with fuel-efficient engines have another naming.

At present, if you are in search of superior performance and maneuverability from LS tractor MT3 compact tractor, you are looking for these models: MT357H/HC/C with a 57HP engine and MT357PCT/PCTC with a 57HP, MT352H/HC/C and MT352PCT/PCTC equipped with an Engine HP 52, MT347H/HC/C powered by 47HP engine and the last model is MT342H/HC/C with a 42HP engine. Actually, the new MT3 line is presented only with four models, but they all are featured with both cab and ROPS options, which broadens your choices and capabilities.

LS MT3 tractor price is attractive at LS Tractor Sacramento. Don’t lose your chance to buy an LS tractor MT3 with an impressive hitch lift of 2,755 lbs and a great loader lift capacity of 2,680 lbs. It is worth mentioning that hydrostatic cab models of LS MT3 compact tractor are featured with the all-new Servo HST with Pedal Link.

If you are looking for a reliable and never-failing tractor, you are at the only right place. Choosing LS Tractors Sacramento for the purchase of a top-tier tractor is a hundred percent wise decision.

Your durable assistant for solving all possible challenges MT357H/HC/C is already waiting for you at LS Tractors Sacramento. Compact model MT357PCT/PCTC that leads the industry is ready to make your life easier. MT352H/HC/C is also waiting for you to provide its strength and sustainability. Such reliable machines as modern MT352PCT/PCTC or MT347H/HC/C are the best option for any household. The LS MT3 series Sacramento is one of the best high-value products full of different useful features provided by LS TRACTOR USA.


If you need top-tier quality - LS Tractor Sacramento is the place for quality service and quality products. Make a wise decision and buy your LS MT3 tractor at a place where you’ll get the best offer with the best tractors.

If you are looking for the most reliable dealer in Sacramento, LS Tractor Sacramento is always ready to take care of your needs. You can get any model you are interested in according to the availability or order. LS tractor MT3 series for sale are waiting for you and ready for the best performance you’ve ever seen. We care about our customers, and the best LS MT3 series price is not the only option with LS Tractor Sacramento, you also get a guarantee and service.