Sub-Compact Tractors

MT122 – 21.5HP

MT125 – 24.7HP

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Experience power and easy maintenance with our MT1 series sub-compact tractors MT122/MT125—A true sub-compact chassis tractor with exceptional versatility and performance.

  • Eco-friendly 3 Cylinder engine
  • Front loader valve and joystick
  • 4WDrive
  • Cup holder and 12V power outlet
  • Water bases and ROPS
  • Pre-heat starting aid
  • Hydraulic position control
  • Safety flashers & turn signals
  • Differential lock

If there is one word to describe the MT1 series by LS TRACTOR USA, that word is durability. The MT1 sub-compact series is presented by two powerful models with utility design: LS MT122 tractor and LS MT125 tractor. These tractors combine user-friendly ergonomic features and functionality with robust construction and power. LS tractor mt1 series high-quality standards and resourceful features provide a unique operator experience in a slew of different areas.

With the MT1 series by LS TRACTOR USA, you finally have the ability to end a productive day working without feeling the usual operator strain. The power you need to make the heaviest work spending a minimum of effort is ready for purchase!

Sub-compact tractors MT122 and MT125 are tough and reliable machines engineered just right for your needs with a stylish compact small chassis and great margin of safety. For top-tier performance and operator’s comfort, each tractor of MT1 SERIES is fitted out with a comfortable and supportive seat that reduces fatigue. Especially for backhoe use, it has a unique option of reversed position. There is also a spacious flat deck with plenty of legroom that makes getting off and on your sub-compact model a lot easier. The mid-mount mower provides a full 152mm of ground clearance. And mowing height is engineered especially for easy adjustment, attachment and removal. These little tractors are packed with all features to push, pull, and lift more around your homestead. MT125 – 24.7HP and MT122 – 21.5HP are the surety in reliability, ergonomics, power, and toughness. Sub-compact models by LS TRACTOR USA guarantee that the job is going to be done right in time due to its 440 kgf lift capacity.

The best decision for your convenience is to buy the MT1 series supplied with an eco-friendly three-cylinder water-cooled engine. The front loader valve and joystick will provide simplicity and ease of management when performing tasks of any complexity.

But of course, these models have differences. Their major diversities are that MT122 total weight is 650kg, and it is supplied with Yanmar 3TNV76F engine with 21.5HP while MT125 has a total weight of 655kg and is supplied with Yanmar 3TNV80F with 24.7HP.


LS Tractor Sacramento is a reliable dealer. Within a radius of two hundred miles, LS Tractor Sacramento is the only tractor dealer where you can buy these models at the best prices, with a guarantee and service. There is an option to buy the model you are interested in according to the availability or to order. If you want quality, you want an LS Tractor.

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