Compact Tractors

MT225HE – 24.6HP

MT225E – 24.6HP

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25HP compact 4WD tractors powered with fuel-efficient engines, showcasing superior performance and maneuverability.

  • Eco-Friendly Tier4, 24.7HP, 3 cylinder fuel efficient engine
  • 12x12 synchro shuttle or 3 range HST with cruise control
  • Front wheel mechanical assist 4WD
  • Flat operator platform
  • Available quick attach front end loader with skid steer compatible bucket & grill guard
  • Lift capacity up to 1,900 lbs
  • Available sub-frame mounted, quick attach 6’ backhoe
  • Value Compacts
  • Available front mount snowblower with hydraulic chute rotation

LS Tractor Models Available:

MT225E / MT225HE

Looking for a reliable and durable tool, you should note high-value and feature-rich compact utility tractors MT225HE and MT225E by LS TRACTOR USA. Each of these compact beasts is the best option you can ever find among other compact 4WD tractors. MT225E series is powered by fuel-efficient engines, showcasing superior performance and maneuverability.

The MT225E compact line by LS TRACTOR USA is presented by the powerful MT225HE series and MT225E series. These tractors with utility design are a great combination of functionality with robust construction, power and user-friendly ergonomic features.

MT225E compact tractor is the embodiment of high-quality standards. MT225E and MT225HE LS Tractors are full of resourceful features that provide their owner with a unique operator experience in a bunch of different areas.

This tractor series provides a lot of deluxe features besides a three-point hitch. LS MT225E high functional tractor is powered by a high-capacity front-loader. MT225E is equipped with an electric engaged Independent PTO, and the point is that option comes standard. With the power of the LS Tractor MT225E series, the heaviest work spending a minimum of effort. Don’t lose your time – the LS MT225E price is attractive, and you can find out more about it by contacting us. MT225E LS tractor and MT225HE LS tractor are ready for purchase in Sacramento!

MT225E Series 25HP compact tractors MT225HE and MT225E are reliable and tough machines. They were engineered especially for your needs and for your comfort and convenience. Enjoy a comfortable ride with your MT225E LS tractor equipped with a deluxe cushioned seat, a convenient toolbox and a cup holder. Also, you can choose ag, industrial or turf tires at no additional cost. For the operator’s comfort and top-tier performance, each model of LS MT225E Sacramento is fitted out with a comfortable and supportive rubber step mat, a reinforced step and a large hand grip. A rubber step mat of great quality on the flat and spacious platform can prevent slipping and reduce vibration and noise. Beyond that, a secure, large, and comfortable hand grip makes it possible to maneuver in and out of the tractor safely.

Changing the direction is more simple than in competitive non-shuttle gear models. There are 12 forward & 12 reverse gear transmissions. Each LS MT225E tractor provides more operating speeds than others in its class for superior control, precision and safe operations for virtually any application.

These tractors are packed with all features for your needs around the homestead. Loader is easy to take off or attach and change its attachments. With up to 1,900 lbs of lift capacity, it outperforms other tractors in its class. Plus the grill guard is a standard feature and comes with a loader. MT225E – 24.6HP and MT225HE – 24.6HP are the embodiment of power, reliability, toughness and ergonomics. MT225E Series price is absolutely in line with a guarantee that the job is going to be done right in time due to its great lift capacity.


If you are looking for quality – LS Tractor is your safe choice. Get the best tractor with the most reliable dealer you can find within a radius of three hundred miles – LS Tractor Sacramento, the only place where you can find LS MT225HE for sale and LS MT225E for sale with a guarantee and service. You can buy any model you are interested in according to the availability or order.