Compact Tractors

MT240HE – 40HP

MT240E – 40HP

MT235HE – 35HP

MT230E – 30HP

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30-40HP compact 4WD tractors powered with fuel-efficient engines, showcasing superior performance and maneuverability.

  • 30HP, 35HP & 40HP, 3 cylinder fuel efficient engine
  • 12x12 synchro shuttle or 3 range HST with cruise control
  • Front wheel mechanical assist 4WD
  • Flat operator platform
  • Choice of industrial, ag or turf tires at no additional cost
  • Available quick attach front end loader with skid steer compatible bucket & grill guard
  • Available sub-frame mounted, quick attach 6’ backhoe
  • Optional mid-mount PTO

LS Tractor Models Available:

MT230E / MT235E / MT235HE / MT240E / MT24 / MT240HE / MT240E / MT235HE / MT230E