XR 3100 Series

LS Tractor XR 3100 Series

Compact Tractors

XR3135H - 35HP

XR3135 - 35HP

XR3140HC - 40HP

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The LS XR3100 series is the embodiment of the word reliability — it is the only model on the market you can lean on without any worries. These compact tractors are reliable and indispensable tools.

The LS tractor XR3100 series of compact tractors features three unparalleled and powerful machines: the XR3140HC 40HP, the XR3135H 35HP, and the XR3135 35HP. These high-performance tractors are leading the market so far in 2022, and are a hundred percent ready for work with a variety of challenges.

Each LS XR3100 compact tractor is a high-functioning combination of user-friendly ergonomic features, robust construction, power, and utility. All models in the product line, from the LS XR3135H tractor and LS tractor XR3135 to the LS XR3140HC tractor, are full of resourceful features and are always ready to provide you with a unique operator experience in a number of different areas and situations.

LS Tractor Models Available:

XR3140HC / XR3135H / XR3135

Each of these stylish compact tractors possesses a great margin of safety, and was made for your comfort and top-tier performance.

Sub-compact tractors such as the LS XR3140HC series, LS XR3135H series, and LS tractor XR3135 series are tough and reliable user-friendly machines with a loader lift capacity of 2,185 lbs. and hitch lift of 1,808 lbs, engineered for your needs to combat the most difficult challenges.


If you’re looking for a reliable machine, the LS Tractor Sacramento is the right choice. You can buy a durable assistant LS tractor XR3140HC series, or you can choose between the fabulous LS tractor XR3135H series and the unrivalled LS XR3135 compact tractor.

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