MT5 Series


Utility Tractors

MT573CPS – 73HP

MT573C – 73HP

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73HP eco-friendly 4WD utility tractors, fully featured for any large job. This ideal tractor has the horse power, loader capacity and outstanding lift capacity for any agricultural job.

  • Vertical Water-cooled 4 Cylinder 73 HP Diesel Engine
  • F20 x R20 Synchro Shuttle And Power Shuttle Models
  • High Beam Operation / Warning Lights
  • Spacious Cab 4 Post Cab
  • Over 6,600 lbs. Unit Weight Without Ballast
  • ROPS Configuration
  • Air Suspension Seat With 10 Degree Swivel
  • Hydraulic Draft & Position Control With Auto Lift

LS Tractor Models Available:

MT573C / MT573CPS

Mastering Performance: Exploring the MT5 Series Tractors

Whether you're a farmer, landscaper, or property owner, the MT5 Series tractors offer unmatched capabilities to enhance your productivity and efficiency. From robust engines to advanced features, this series is a testament to LS Tractor's commitment to engineering excellence. The series features two models, both with 73 horsepower, offering a premium cab with ergonomic features. Whether you need a power shuttle shift or a fully synchronized shuttle shift transmission, the MT5 Series has you covered.

The MT5 Series tractors are suitable for various jobs, such as:

  • Snow Removal – Easily tackle snowy conditions by attaching a snow blower or plow to the front PTO. With a high ground clearance of 16.1 inches and a reliable four-wheel drive system, the MT5 Series tractors excel at clearing snow from roads, driveways, and parking lots.
  • Haying – Achieve exceptional results in haying operations by connecting a mower conditioner or baler to the rear PTO. With a powerful PTO horsepower of 62 HP and a substantial hitch lift capacity of 6,614 lbs, these tractors effortlessly handle heavy haying equipment, allowing for efficient cutting, drying, and baling of hay.
  • Towing – The MT5 Series tractors are well-suited for towing tasks. Whether you need to transport materials or equipment, simply attach a trailer or wagon to the drawbar or three-point hitch. With a high torque engine delivering 206 lb-ft of power and a dual clutch system, you have precise control over towing speed and direction.
  • Spraying – Enhance your crop management by attaching a sprayer to the three-point hitch. The MT5 Series tractors offer a high hydraulic flow rate of 17.6 GPM and a convenient remote valve, enabling you to easily adjust sprayer pressure and flow for effective spraying of crops and fields.
  • Cultivating – Prepare the soil for optimal growth by attaching a cultivator or rotary hoe to the three-point hitch. With a high ground speed of 23 mph and a synchronized shuttle shift or power shuttle shift transmission, the MT5 Series tractors provide precise control over cultivation depth and width, ensuring effective weed control and seedbed preparation.
  • Where To Find?

    When considering the purchase of the MT5 Series tractors, LS Tractor Sacramento's website is the ideal destination. They’ve established themselves as a reputable brand within the tractor industry through years of dedicated service to their customers. With an extensive selection, competitive pricing, expert guidance, and reliable after-sales support, they provide a seamless buying experience and ensure you find the perfect tractor to meet your needs.