MT5 Series


Utility Tractors

MT573CPS / MT573C

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73HP eco-friendly 4WD utility tractors, fully featured for any large job. This ideal tractor has the horse power, loader capacity and outstanding lift capacity for any agricultural job.

  • Eco-Friendly Tier4 Engine
  • Outstanding lift capacity (6614lbs)
  • Wide field vision and clear view cabin
  • 20x20 Fully Synchronized Shuttle Shift or 20x20 power shuttle
  • Wide & Clear View cab
  • 3 Pairs of Front Outlet Valves with 3rd Function Joystick
  • 3 sets of remote (2 remote valves with float & detent functions)
  • Creeper Gear
  • Available quick attach,Self leveling front end loader with skid steer compatible bucket and grill guard
  • Wide field vision and clear view cabin

LS Tractor Models Available:

MT573C / MT573CPS

The MT5 Series of utility tractors by LS TRACTOR USA is presented by two strong utility models, MT573CPS and MT573C, which you can find at LS Tractor Sacramento.

These tractors are provided with premium features such as quality seating, a flat operator platform, and many other functions which ensure the operator’s comfort. In addition, the overall capacity of these models, which provides unsurpassed efficiency. LS MT573CPS tractor and LS MT573C tractor has 73 horsepower under the bonnet also it comes with a Power Shuttle Transmission that enables fast and efficient directional changes.

Both models, LS MT573CPS utility tractor and LS MT573C utility tractor are provided with a 3,626 lbs. loader lift capacity, 6,614 lbs. three-point lift, a 73.0 HP vertical water-cooled four-cycle diesel engine and 62.0 HP PTO.

If you need a never-failing tractor, the MT5 Series presented by two ergonomically designed cab models - LS MT573CPS and LS MT573C is the best choice, and LS Tractor Sacramento is the only right place to get them. Potential durable assistants for your household LS MT573C tractor for sale and LS MT573CPS tractor for sale are already waiting for you. These utility models lead the industry due to their great strength, sustainability, and top-notch performance.

Reliable tractors like the LS tractor MT573CPS and LS tractor MT573C are among the best feature-rich beasts provided by LS TRACTOR USA and available at LS Tractor Sacramento.

Our customers appreciate the great level of versatility of the MT5 series - both allow their owners to handle a vast number of different challenges.

Also, we should mention the LS MT573CPS tractor price and LS MT573C tractor price. With inhouse financing, getting into your LS tractor has never been easier. The heaviest type of work is spending minimum effort with the power of the MT5 series.


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