MT5 Series

73HP eco-friendly 4WD utility tractors, fully featured for any large job. This ideal tractor has the horse power, loader capacity and outstanding lift capacity for any agricultural job.

  • Eco-Friendly Tier4 Engine
  • Outstanding lift capacity (6614lbs)
  • Wide field vision and clear view cabin
  • 20x20 Fully Synchronized Shuttle Shift or 20x20 power shuttle
  • Wide & Clear View cab
  • 3 Pairs of Front Outlet Valves with 3rd Function Joystick
  • 3 sets of remote (2 remote valves with float & detent functions)
  • Creeper Gear
  • Available quick attach,Self leveling front end loader with skid steer compatible bucket and grill guard
  • Wide field vision and clear view cabin

LS Tractor Models Available:

MT573C / MT573CPS