Compact Tractors

MT240HEC – 40HP

MT235HEC – 35HP

MT235EC – 35HP

MT235HEC – 35HP

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  • 3 Cylinder, Liquid-cooled,Diesel, NA / TC, CRDI
  • Available In 30 HP, 35 HP And 40 HP
  • 3 Range Hydrostatic Transmission (2 Pedal)
  • F12xR12 Synchro Shuttle Gear Drive Models
  • High Capacity And Performance
  • Ergonomically Located And Designed Joystick
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Skid Steer Quick Connect Loader/Bucket

LS Tractor Models Available:

MT240HEC / MT235HEC / MT235EC / MT235HEC

MT2EC Series: Compact Powerhouse for Versatile Jobs

When it comes to compact tractors that deliver impressive power and versatility, the MT2EC SERIES from LS Tractor is a top contender. With multiple models available, including the MT240HEC (40HP), MT235HEC (35HP), MT235EC (35HP), and MT235HEC (35HP), this series offers a range of options to suit different needs. Let's explore the capabilities of these tractors and the jobs they are well-suited for.

MT2EC Series Uses

The MT2EC SERIES tractors are designed to tackle various agricultural, landscaping, and property maintenance tasks efficiently. Despite their compact size, these tractors offer exceptional power and agility. Here are some of the jobs they excel at:

Lawn Care 

With compatible attachments like finishing mowers, rotary cutters, and rear-mounted blades, the MT2EC tractors are perfect for maintaining lawns, parks, and golf courses. They provide precise cutting and grooming, ensuring a well-manicured appearance.


Whether you're grading land, leveling surfaces, or creating garden beds, these tractors offer the power and control needed for landscaping projects. Attachments such as box blades and tillers help achieve professional-grade results.

Orchard and Vineyard Work

The compact size and maneuverability of the MT2EC tractors make them ideal for orchard and vineyard maintenance. They can navigate between rows with ease and handle tasks like pruning, spraying, and mowing.

Material Handling 

Equipped with front-end loaders, these tractors can handle material handling tasks effectively. They can help you move soil, gravel, and mulch, or load and unload heavy objects. 

Light Construction

The MT2EC tractors are capable of assisting in light construction projects. With the option to attach backhoes, post hole diggers, and augers, they can handle tasks such as digging trenches, installing fences, and drilling holes.

Where To Find?

When considering the purchase of the MT2EC SERIES tractors, LS Tractor Sacramento is a trusted destination for several reasons. LS Tractor Sacramento's reputation as a reliable dealership, coupled with their extensive product offerings and dedicated customer service, makes them an excellent choice when purchasing the MT2EC SERIES tractors. Experience the power and versatility of these tractors and unlock new levels of productivity in your tasks.