MT7 Series


Utility Tractors

MT7101CSPS – 100.6HP;

MT7101CPS – 100.6HP

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  • 4 Cylinder, 100.6 HP, CRDI, Water-cooled
  • Cab Versions with Four Standard Rear Worklights
  • Unballasted Weight Up To 7,714 lbs.
  • 2 Sets Of Rear Remotes Standard With Float And Detent Functionality
  • 40F x 40R (Incl. Creep) Power Shuttle Or 32F x 32R (Incl. Creep) Transmission
  • Heavy-Duty Frame And Lift Cylinders Enable Three-Point
  • Independent / Ground Speed PTO
  • Goodyear LSW tires
  • Available quick attach,Self leveling front end loader with skid steer compatible bucket and grill guard
  • Wide field vision and clear view cabin

LS Tractor Models Available:

MT7101CSPS / MT7101CPS

Revolutionize Your Work With the MT7 Series Tractors

Looking for powerhouse performance and unmatched versatility in a tractor? The MT7 Series from LS Tractor might have everything you’re looking for. These tractors come with a 101 HP engine, a semi-power shift transmission, and a spacious cab for comfort and convenience. In this article, we’re exploring what jobs the MT7 Series tractors are suitable for, and where you can easily find them.

The MT7 Series tractors are designed for commercial agriculture, as well as other applications that require high performance and reliability. They can handle tasks such as plowing, tilling, mowing, baling, loading, and more. They have a standard front-loader and a 3-point hitch that can attach various implements and accessories. They also have two rear remotes that allow for hydraulic control of attachments. The semi-power shift transmission allows for smooth and easy shifting between 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, without using the clutch pedal.

You might be wondering what exactly the LS Tractor MT7 Series tractors can do for you. Well, these tractors are not only powerful, but also versatile and efficient. They can handle a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Plowing – With their high torque engine and semi-power shift transmission, they can pull heavy plows and adjust the speed and power as needed. They can plow the soil to get it ready for planting crops.
  • Tilling – They can attach different types of tillers to their front-loader and 3-point hitch, such as rotary, disc, or chisel tillers. They can till the soil to break up clods and mix in organic matter. They can also control the tiller depth and angle with their two rear remotes.
  • Mowing – They can mow grass, hay, or other crops with various mowing implements that they can attach to their front-loader and 3-point hitch, such as flail, sickle, or rotary mowers. They can mow at different speeds and terrains with their high horsepower engine and semi-power shift transmission.
  • Baling – They can bale hay or straw into compact bundles for storage or transport with different types of balers that they can attach to their 3-point hitch, such as round, square, or large square balers. They can handle heavy bales and maneuver easily with their high lifting capacity and semi-power shift transmission.
  • Loading – They can load and unload materials, such as hay, straw, manure, gravel, or wood with various buckets, forks, grapples, or spears that they can attach to their standard front-loader. They can see and control the loader functions well with their spacious cab and digital instrument panel.
  • Snow removal – They can remove snow from sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, or roads with various snow removal implements that they can attach to their front-loader and 3-point hitch, such as plows, blowers, brooms, or spreaders. They can clear snow quickly and efficiently with their powerful engine and semi-power shift transmission.
  • The MT7 Series tractors also offer a comfortable cab that provides excellent visibility and protection from the elements. It features an air-conditioning system, a radio with Bluetooth connectivity, a deluxe seat with armrests, a tilt and telescopic steering wheel, and a digital instrument panel. The cab also has large windows and doors, as well as front and rear work lights, for optimal visibility in any condition.

Where To Find?

To buy an MT7 Series tractor, you should visit LS Tractor Sacramento, the authorized dealer of LS Tractor in the area. LS Tractor Sacramento offers competitive prices, flexible financing options, and excellent customer service. They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff that can help you choose the best tractor for your needs and budget. LS Tractor Sacramento also provides after-sales support, such as maintenance, repairs, parts, and warranty service, making them the best place to buy an MT7 Series tractor.