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MT225S – 24.7HP

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The MT2s provides a premium level compact tractor to customers wishing to have a high-performing and a highly featured compact tractor. The multitude of standard premium features include premium seat, two pedal hydrostatic transmission, flat operator platform, high-capacity loader and three-point hitch.

  • 24.7 HP Yanmar Diesel Engine
  • 3 Range Hydrostatic Transmission (2 Pedal)
  • Electric Engagement Independent PTO
  • New Heavy-Duty Platform/Frame
  • Two pedal hydrostatic transmission
  • Mid-Mount MowerHeight Adjustment Dial
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Multi-disc Wet Brakes

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LS Tractor’s MT2S series features an industry-leading compact tractor built for medium-duty applications. This series combines high-performing drivetrain components like a two-pedal hydrostatic transmission with a compact wheelbase and modest footprint for maximum maneuverability. 

As the sole do-it-all model in the MT2S series, the MT225S-24.7HP is a tractor suited for every job. Built for demanding work, but not overengineered, it’s ideal for those seeking high-grade function at an exceptional value.

Flexible Functionality and Reliable Power

Every feature of the MT225S-24.7HP is designed for two things - you, and the job at hand. The standard 24.7HP, 3-cylinder, Yanmar engine is strong enough to perform mid-range work like baling, tilling, and gravel spreading without sacrificing speed or efficiency. Additionally, the 19.3 PTO HP rating allows you to smoothly operate any accessory equipment. Best used with 10-50 acre properties, this tractor is perfect for small to medium-sized operations. Agricultural, industrial, and turf-style tires are available.

Premium comfort features are found throughout the operator platform. Adjustable deck heights and tilt steering promote visibility and ease of use, while the electric PTO controls and loader joystick are engineered ergonomically. Each tractor is fabricated for configurational flexibility and can support a range of optional pieces of equipment including:

  • 1,067 lb. Capacity Front-End Loader Bucket
  • High Range-of-Motion Backhoe, Supported by a 1,896 lb. Hitch Lift 
  • Lightweight, 3 Blade Mid-Mower

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