Compact Tractors

Modern ergonomic designed, 25HP small chassis 4WD compacts, suited for smaller, confined spaces

  • Eco-friendly Tier 4, 24.4HP, 3 cylinder fuel efficient engine
  • 6F x 2R sliding gear shift or 2 range HST with dual pedals and cruise control
  • front wheel mechanical assist 4WD
  • High efficient 3-point hitch
  • Available quick attach front end loader and grille guard
  • Available sub-frame mounted, quick attach 6’ backhoe
  • Available 60” mid-mount mower
  • Available 50” snow blower
Blue LS Tractor XJ Series

If you need a never-failing tractor, you are at the only right place. Your durable assistant LS XJ2025H is already waiting for you at LS Tractors Sacramento. This compact model leads the industry due to its strength, sustainability, and top-tier performance. Such reliable machines as modern and compact LS tractors XJ series are the best option for any household. The XJ Series is one of the best feature-rich and high-value products provided by LS TRACTOR USA.

LS XJ tractors can handle any challenge. Customers appreciate the versatility of the XJ series because these compact, strong beasts allow you to handle a great number of different challenges.

XJ models are not limited to just two configurations. Besides being a tractor and a loader, LS tractor XJ compact tractor can also be equipped with a mid-mount mower, snow blower, a backhoe, and numerous three-point implements. LS tractor XJ series for sale with utility design is a great combination of robust construction with functionality, user-friendly ergonomic features, and power.

XJ2025H is powered by awesome Mitsubishi water-cooled engines, showcasing great maneuverability and superior performance – that’s why LS tractor XJ2025H compact tractor is the best option you can ever find among other compact models.

LS XJ2025H tractor is full of resourceful features – it makes this top-notch model the embodiment of high-quality standards. LS XJ2025H for sale is your chance to become an owner with a unique operator experience in a bunch of different areas.

In addition to the eco-friendly tier 3 cylinders fuel-efficient engine, LS tractor XJ compact tractor is also equipped with a two-range HST with dual pedals and cruise control and front-wheel mechanical assist 4wd.

LS XJ2025H for sale has a lot of features that will make your operating experience comfortable. Illuminated dashboard with digital RPM provides excellent operator visibility, and electric PTO engagement provides added comfort.

Also, we should mention the LS XJ2025H tractor price. You can get a tractor that provides a vast deal of different features besides a three-point hitch. And that’s all for reasonable money! LS tractor XJ2025H series is also powered by a high-capacity front-loader. With the power of a reliable and tough LS tractor XJ2025H, the heaviest type of work spending a minimum of effort.

Don’t lose any time – the LS XJ2025H price is keen, and the model is ready for purchase in Sacramento!

Formerly LS tractor XJ series used to be presented by two models, by ls tractor XJ2025 ls tractor XJ2025H. But for now, all deluxe features are formed into one model for your comfort and convenience. LS tractor XJ series is now presented only by LS tractor XJ2025H. Call LS Tractors Sacramento to enjoy a comfortable operating and riding with your XJ2025H LS tractor.


If you need quality – LS Tractor is a wise decision. LS Tractors Sacramento is always ready to provide you with the best tractor models within a radius of three hundred miles.

Are you looking for the most reliable dealer in Sacramento? LS Tractor Sacramento will take care of all the arrangements. You can buy any model you are interested in according to the availability or order. We do care about our customers – that’s why the only place where you can find LS tractor XJ2025H for sale with a guarantee and service is LS Tractors Sacramento.

XJ Tractor

The XJ Series offers versatility that compact customers appreciate. Ample strength and durability allows you to work all day with a large number of LS implements and attachments.  The XJ is not simply limited to a tractor and loader configuration, it can be equipped with a backhoe, mid-mount mower, snow blower, as well numerous three-point implements.  Versatility and performance make this compact tractor a leader.

dumbbell iconLOADER LIFT CAPACITY 1,276 lbs. tractor iconHITCH LIFT 1,433 lbs.
lightning iconENGINE HP 24.4 HP tractor wheel iconPTO HP 18.5 HP


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